Residential Homes

Homes Built for Life

We believe good homes can change your life. When you experience a high quality home that is self-sufficient, you reclaim time and energy to focus on the stuff that matters: living and building memories. That’s why every Fab home is  designed around you to be healthy, sustainable, natural and worry free. We work hard so you can live easy.

Pre-fab revolutionizes
home building

Fab’s air-tight envelopes are composed of three elements: a pre-manufactured wall structure, a wood fiber insulation and triple pane certified passive house glazing. This envelope gives you full flexibility to attach any façade of your choice.

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A full End-to-End Process


We design from scratch

If you don’t have plan’s we have a selection of models you can choose from or we work with you and make your aspirations, come true. Share with us your ideas, inspirations, vision and goals and we’ll make them real and realistic.


You bring your own designs

If you already have plans even better! We’ll work with what you’ve got, make suggestions (if needed) to help match your budget and design with durability in mind.


We build to spec in our factory

Permit approved, engineering approved and materials ordered we are ready to take what’s on paper into 3D. You can even come visit our factory while we pre-fab your home.

We assemble everything onsite

In just a few days you will watch your new home’s walls, roofs and floors get assembled by our team of experts.

We finish your home

If you’ve hired us for a turn-key project we wrap up your project with all the embellishment you’ve requested; siding, roofing, interior finish, flooring and more.


You finish your home

You also have the option to take over the keys of your project after we’ve assembled the air-tight envelope and finish it yourself!

Homes we’ve built

Tell us about your vision.