Commercial Buildings

Spaces Built for Life

Every commercial building we craft is based on the same principles as our residential projects: durability, wellbeing, sustainability and reliability. That means better for longer; always.

Pre-fab revolutionizes
commercial building

Fab’s experience and adaptability coupled with its facility’s capability to produce pre-fab high performance envelopes will make your project a success in quality, speed and budget.

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Working with Industry Partners


We work in collaboration with architects with one goal in mind – satisfy client’s needs and budgets. We have experience in design that helps guide the decisions we make on paper for ease of building choices.

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We work with developers to provide higher quality product to the end user all while meeting your budgets.

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Commercial Design & Build

A full End-to-End Process

Hire us on early! Our experience in design and commercial projects permits us to help lead from the beginning. The sooner you include us in your projects the more money and time will be saved. We can offer suggestions at the design and planning stages that will save cost throughout the building phases.

Commercial projects we’ve built

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